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Blake is Back with a vengeance. A triple double in Toronto. 32 points in Madison Square Garden. Blake has had a big week. But it's only led to one win so far and it was a wild one at that. Blake and DeAndre combine for 60 points in New York City but it was the antics of Charles Oakley off the court that grabbed all the headlines. Ben Lyons comes on the show to talk about all the nuttiness in New York.

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Blake Griffin tunes Kevon Looney of the Golden State Warriors in the most explosive dunk of the year. Jag goes one on one with Jamal Crawford. Plus hear from Doc Rivers and Big Blake himself on Griffin's intense play since his return. And of course some Melo gossip!

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Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan... and Carmelo Anthony? Wylde and Jag discuss the trade that would shake up the two biggest cities in the league. What would have to happen and can it happen. Plus Jag goes one on one with the good doctor, Dr. Klapper to talk about Big Blake's return and the fall of Paul. CP is out with a torn ligament in his thumb, Dr. Klapper helps us all understand just what that means and what we can expect when CP returns to the lineup. Also Rowan Kavner swings by to talk about the state of the team all on a super sized ClipCast!

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41 down 41 to go. The Clippers are at the halfway point in the season and on a current 5 game winning streak. Yes that's right undefeated in 2017. So Wylde and Jag check in with Chris Paul, Mo Buckets, Austin Rivers and Coach Doc Rivers to see where the Clippers are and where they need to go to win it all. Plus DeAndre, CP and JJ weigh in on a strange Doc Rivers request. 

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2016 is now officially in the rearview and to quote Dickens, who played shooting guard for Higham High outta England, "it was the best of times" 14-2 "it was the worst of times" lost 4 straight. It's Jaguar v Wylde in this head to head ClipCast battle of who knows the Clippers best as the guys talk about all the highs and lows of 2016 and of course Clip Ahead to 2017 and that elusive date with Larry.

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It's that time of year again for our ClipCast ClipsMas Spectacular. We got some coal in our stockings with the Blake injury report but also some gifts came under the tree with some strong bench play in a blowout W versus the Nuggets at home. Jaglin asks Doc a question with one of the more truly bizarre analogies in sports podcasting history. Since you were nice this year you get a big box of Bass and a new Down By The Rivers plus find out what DJ really wants for Christmas. Brandon Bass, Austin Rivers, DeAndre Jordan, Doc Rivers, Chris Wylde and Mike The Jaguar Jaglin on a brand new holiday ClipCast. Merry ClipsMas!

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Diamond Stone and Brice Johnson both sit down with Jag on a brand new ClipCast. The Clippers have another perfect week as they eek out a one point win over Portland and sweep the series with one of the Clips many West Coast rivals. Add to that a blowout win at home plucking the Pelicans and a Magic win in Orlando and that equals a winning week for the good guys. Wylde and Jag discuss DeAndre and Chris Paul making Clipper and basketball history plus a whole lot more on this Rookie Roll Call ClipCast!

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Despite beating the Champs in Cleveland, there is some adversity in Lob City. Austin Rivers goes Down By The Rivers and tells us what he thinks needs to happen for the Clips to get back to their winning ways. Comedian, Clipper fan and Punch Drunk Sports podcaster Sam Tripoli sits in on this very special episode of ClipCast. 

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The Clippers have a lot to be thankful for: another perfect 4-0 week, a perfect 7-0 record on the road and the best record overall in the NBA. Listen as Blake Griffin, JJ Redick, DeAndre Jordan, Doc Rivers, Luc Mbah a Moute, Wesley Johnson, Jamal Crawford and Austin Rivers share what they're most thankful for. And if this Clipsgiving Special Turkey wasn't stuffed enough with stars Jag goes one on one with former Clipper great Corey Maggette. Happy Clipsgiving everybody!

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ClipCast welcomes backup point guard powerhouse Raymond Felton to the show for his first one on one with Jag. DeAndre tells Wylde the secret to the Clippers road success. Plus Jamal and Chris Paul weigh in on the tough loss versus Memphis at home. Austin Rivers takes us Down By the Rivers and Chris and Mike look at the week ahead as the Clippers take their best record in the NBA up north to Sacramento then back home versus Dwyane Wade's hometown Bulls. 

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